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Used Tires

Go Green and Save Money with Used Tires

Let’s face it—not everyone looks forward to buying new tires. It might be an opportunity to rid your vehicle of factory tires that didn't live up to your expectations, but it's also not a small expense. New tires from leading brands can be pricey. You get them when you need. After all, car tires just aren’t as fun as a new TV or gadget.

Used Tires in Toronto, ON

Get Brand Name Tires for Less

Rather than spend a moderate amount of money on new car and truck tires, save cash with used tires.

At Factory Tire & Rubber Inc, we stock a wide selection of used tires for customers in Toronto, ON, Etobicoke, ON, Rexdale, ON, and surrounding areas.

Our inventory of pre-owned tires is quality-assured to meet your driving needs and budget. The used tires we stock are significantly cheaper than new ones and come from great brands. They're both an affordable and environmentally conscious purchase that keeps your car rolling.

Why Buy Used Tires?

Motorists liked used tires for a few solid reasons. Here's why they might be the right match in your life right now: 

  • Buying on a Budget: Used tires cost significantly less money than new tires
  • Selling Your Car: Did you recently install new tires on your car but now you're selling it? Chances are good you'd like to keep the more expensive tires you just bought. Find a good set of used tires and install them on your car instead. This is a good option if you know your next car will take the same tire size.
  • Driving Locally Only: Why spend more money on tread you don't need? If you don't drive often, you might benefit from installing used tires on your vehicle instead of paying full price for new tires each time you need to change them. Did you know tires also wear over time? You'll be replacing them eventually either way, so you might as well pay only for what you need and save money each time.
  • Want to Make and Environmentally Conscious Purchase: It takes oil to produce new tires. When you opt for used tires, you decrease this demand and promote resourcefulness. There's no reason for tires with a decent amount of tread left to be finished.

Shop Used Tires in Etobicoke

At Factory Tire & Rubber Inc., we offer a variety of used tires, including:

  • Passenger Tires
  • Light Truck Tires
  • SUV Tires
  • All-Terrain Tires
  • Performance Tires
  • All-Season Tires

Call 416-744-1414 to learn more about our selection.

Used Tires in Etobicoke, ON

I Need Reliable Used Tires

Used tires are only as reliable as the dealer responsible for inspecting the tires, and we maintain a high reputation within our local communities.

We inspect each used tire before selling it to you. Tread wear is carefully examined to ensure your tires will provide quality performance. We inspect the sidewalls for sturdiness and ensure the surface on both sides is uncompromised and free of punctures or debris.

Each used tire has passed standards of tread depth, wear, and durability. 

If you’re not sure whether used tires are right for you, contact us with your questions. As the local source on used tires, we're available to answer all your questions.

Contact us about Used Tires

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